What is a saturn cart swap trick

Started by ORTA, August 22, 2004, 12:56:59 PM

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I'd like to know what is a saturn cart swap trick,

how is it done,
why is it done
and what is the effect of it on sega saturn consoles :blink:  


It's bad in every possible way.  You should never do it.


What exactly is it? I've read it here in this site, someone posted something like that, if you can't tell me how it is done, then please tell me why other people do it and what is the effect of it on the console I'd just like to know  :)  


Ripping cartsw in and out of the console whil it's switched on fries teh mobo.
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Oh! I see..... :unsure:

I remember doing that in my sega megadrive, after doing it the game display the japanese name or gives you infinite lives

I think I'm not gonna do it with my sega saturn  <_<