Snes 50/60 hzs mod, please help

Started by Mr.Blonde, June 14, 2004, 06:08:04 AM

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I�ve modified my snes (is an european snes)  to make it run in 60 hzs mode, and it worked, but when I close up the console,  it doesn't turns on. I've realized that can be a
problem of the screws, because this happens when I start to place some internal
screws.  �Someone knows what can be happening and how to fix it?


P.D: Sorry about my poor english level.


If it works fine without the lid off but not with it on, you're shorting or disconnecting something when you put the lid on. Check your connections and make sure you have no loose wires that could touch the shielding, things like that.


A few things to check:
1.Are your wires secured properly? Use double sided tape or hot glue to secure them on the board.
2.Is their too much bare wire stripped? These could be shorting together when you put the case together...or shorting against the case itself.Keep it down to only a couple of milimetres or less.
3.Is their a plastic shield,in the snes? I know some consoles use plastic shields to prevent various components from shorting together,dreamcast and ps2 are 2 that come to mind.If these are not in place they might be shorting together.I do not have a snes nor have ever opened one but this could be the case.
4.Are screws being driven through your wiring?  This coul cause wires to snag or be pulled right out,or just enough that the signal is buggered.Could also be internal cables that relate to the power supply,and switches that could be getting snagged and thus it won't power up.


It could well be the wire at the edge of the resistor touching a part of the metal inside the SNES. Wrap the resistor in tape.