NES 2 (Top loader) to work on PAL TV

Started by willows_83, July 14, 2004, 05:27:10 AM

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HI ALL! Im interested in buying a NES 2 system and due to its RF OUT only abilities how would I connect it to my PAL TV? Other people have advised me to route it through an NTSC compatable PAL VCR that will convert the signal for my TV, but I dont have one and dont really want to have to buy one for this purpose. There are some modded NES 2's with composite added but these are considerably more expensive than a normal model....

(draws breath....)sooo my question is, is there any way of converting an NTSC RF signal for a PAL input? Any hardware at all? Converter etc...



This is a Jap NES 2 or US NES 2 ?


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I dont think he's talking about the Japanese one, as the Japanese Famicom 2 had a Multi AV out socket.
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Converting NTSC RF into PAL RF would give you a picture quality so bad that you think you were playing a PAL N64 rather then a NES. The best way is to tap the NTSC Composite from the console and then either use a NTSC 3.58 compatable TV or use a generic NTSC to PAL convertor.