S-video port on Snes or N64

Started by Dramlin, July 13, 2004, 02:39:55 AM

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Hello im new to the hardware modding scene and im interested in doing any and all snes/n64 mods imaginable. The first thing I would like to do (besides changing the led of course) is add a female s-video out port to the back of my snes and n64.

I imagine all i need to do do is solder some wire from the multi av port (or the actual board) to the s-vide connector but im unsure..  Has anyone done the mod before or know of where I can get some directions?  



That's all you need to do.  Find a nice spot to mount the connector, run wires to the AV port, and you're done.


Congratulations, you have used common sense. You have done what many people fail to do, and yes its fine to double check it with people. It looks like you might have what it takes to be a "Modder".

(Thats not scarcasm.)
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


Thanks for the speedy replys. Another project im working on is a portable snes.. I've spent days in searching for info on a portable power source for it but i've come up with nothing. Was trying to figure things out on my own before posting here for help but I guess im clueless in the matter...

What battery packs are you elite modders using to power your portable snes's? I can't seem to find anything running 10volt at 850ma. (original "brick " style snes.)


Going on with my search of how to power my snes I came across something that perplexed me.. I've been under the impression that the snes requires a 10V ac with atleast 850ma. And thats what my ac adapter reads. However, on ebay im seeing that almost every power plug for the snes is showing 9VDC with the MA between 850 and 1000.

So now im wondering if anyone know exactly what the snes needs to function normally in milliamps. Could i possibly run my snes off of a 9V dc, running at 660ma? How about an RC 9.6v battery pack?



Check out the voltage regulator inside, chances are it outputs something like 5v, so if you bypass that you might have better battery luck.