WHat is wrong with my Saturns Disc Lid?

Started by Martin, July 08, 2004, 02:43:42 AM

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:angry: Okay,
Ive tightened up both of the springs that keeps the door shut, Ive made sure that the wires are attached to the switch.
and yet when I close my saturns door it says "Drive Door Open".
My Saturn has one of theose lids where there are two wires leading from the CD rom module's  Board up to the lid These wires are attached to where they should be...
It does recognise the lid is shut, but only if I press down on it. Any Ideas on how to fix this irritating problem?


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Grr.. the problems getting progressivle worse now, I have to push down on the lid now for it to registere its shut, Help guys!!!!!
I dont like playing with my Sega Saturn upside down just so it thinks the lid is shut!!
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The switch is shot, try blowing it out, maybe spray some grease inside it, or replace it.


Thanks for that :D
All is running well now.
I also added a little card to the back of the disc lid to make sure it makes better contact with the switch.
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