Using Disk Explorer (editdisk.exe) to access multi-partition images

Started by incrediblehark, March 08, 2024, 01:04:56 PM

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Here is a quick guide on how to access separate partitions of an HDS image file using Disk Explorer. HDF should apply as well, as long as you select the appropriate disk type in editdisk.

NOTE: I don't recommend Disk Explorer for mass file transfers due to potential file corruption! if your file transfer corrupts, try compressing it first and then unpacking within the Human68k environment after file transfer.

Set the active boot partition:

Boot your hard disk image while holding the HELP key on your X68000 keyboard. You will be presented with the boot menu (XM6-TypeG used in example):

Select what partition you would like to access, and press Enter. You may get an error that the disk can't boot if there's no HUMAN.SYS on that partition.

This is normal, just power down (quit emulator) and start up Disk Explorer (editdisk.exe)
Select your image, in this case it is a .HDS SCSI image file, and select the proper setting in editdisk:

Now select the same partition you marked as active earlier. Any other partition will give an error unless you first set that partition as active.

Click OK and you should have full access to the partition!

When you are finished with your transfers, close Disk Explorer and reset your boot partition in Human68k using the same procedure as before. (Hold HELP on boot).

Hope this helps anyone who has trouble accessing files on these types of images!


Thanks for this, I have been wondering how to do this.

Is the "potential file corruption" an issue with Disk Explorer that you have seen in practice btw? I'm curious what would cause that


Yes, it is something that happens pretty frequently. If I use disk explorer, I tend to transfer a few files at a time. One thing is to check the bytes of your file from the source to the destination. If the file size differs after the transfer then you had a corruption.


Thats quite strange, but good to know. I guess using compressed files are one way of working around the issue, but I really wonder what weird bug is causing that.