(SCSI Connector Question) External Henkan Banchou on X68000 XVI

Started by efs, November 29, 2023, 07:50:10 AM

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Quick question. I have an XVI (not Compact) and a recently-obtained Henkan Banchou PRO (for external use). It doesn't appear to fit the SCSI port on the back of the computer. The computer is not an HD model so it does not have an internal SCSI cable, either.

I'm wondering which kind of cable or adapter I should be using to connect it to my X68K.

This Henkan Banchou came with an adapter already attached with a smaller connector on the end.

When removed, there is a larger connector. Neither of them can be plugged into the back of my XVI.

If anyone has experience connecting Henkan Banchou to your X68K, please let me know what you use. Thank you.