Be Rain Dump & Scans

Started by Shentok, October 26, 2023, 02:45:54 PM

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Howdy! I recently acquired a copy of Be Rain for the sake of dumping and sharing since it seems to be unarchived up until now.Included here is an archive to dumps I made of the game and included several scans as well.


thanks for the dump. I can't merge Be Rain's files into a single HDF; the 2hdboot method isn't working for me. Is it impossible to do? Someone can?


I can't speak for the methods you mentioned, but you can copy the files from each disk to a folder, make a !Start.bat and copy the commands from the BeRain.bat file in the A disk. That's what I did. I used one of the !Start.bat from the image incredibleshark made that was set for a HDD boot game and just edited it.


Be Rain actually has it's own hard drive installer on disk.  It will happily install itself and never need floppies to load ever again.

Bonus fact: The MIDI option does not enable/disable MIDI playback.  The game will always output MT32 MIDI data if a MIDI board is installed.  (It's meant to be mixed with the internal FM)

What the option actually does is displays the scrolling text conversations on the MT32's screen.  Cool unique feature in an already badass game.