Are lots of games still not dumped? Trying to find several games without luck.

Started by bleepbloop, July 18, 2023, 02:44:23 AM

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Hey all,

I double checked for any possible FAQs/rules about ROM questions but I didn't see anything so if I'm wrong to ask here I sincerely tried my best not to be.

I got a new book from Japan recently that shows many or maybe nearly all X68000 games released. It's pretty great and has been very helpful. It's called X68000 Perfect Catalogue if you're interested.

I've noticed though that several of the games I've seen in it are not in any of my ROM packs.

The most recent one just for example is マジックナイト (Magic Knight/Night?)(*EDIT* Not Magic Knight Rayearth by the way, just Magic Knight ). I couldn't find this game anywhere and I really looked for a while.

Maybe I just have old ROM packs though. 2012 TOSEC and a few others are what I use.

Does anybody know of good sites/packs they can recommend that are more up to date?

Or are there just a ton of games still not dumped?

Thanks for any help!



If you go up a Forum level on nfggames there is a 'X68000 Software' sub forum. You might have better response there, this area seems more Hardware focused.

Back to your question, I guess most people have the TOSEC then just do searches for individual games.

The 'MiSTer FPGA' device did get a little boost in X68000 interest, and game packs have appeared.

It might be best to list the missing ones you want, then it will be easier for others to search for them.

I have found some I've been looking for in the 'Homebrew' section within a ROM pack. My 5.25" disk writing PC has loads of files but I don't know where they came from, it might just be the TOSEC archive.


Somehow I missed the other section, thanks for the heads up on that.

That sounds good, I appreciate the information. Maybe I can get a mod to move my post.

I'll have to see about individual games. Seems like a lot XD

Thanks again HIggy!