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nes on a chip..

Started by phreak97, June 20, 2004, 11:29:40 PM

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there are endless stories of people using the "nes on a chip" for various projects..
i only once found somewhere to actually buy one, and the link is long gone.
can anyone help me out? i think it would be a more inexpensive and interesting alternative to importing a ntsc nes, shipping to australia on anything larger than a tv remote is incredibly expensive.. i would be up for AU$50 if i wanted a real nes.


There are various versions of the nes-on-a-chip inculding the super 8, tristar, power joy, and super joy. I'm sure there are more than just those 4 as well.
The power joy and super joy cost anywhere from $20-$40 US, and need nes-famicom converters to play nintendo games, but can use famicom games as they are.

Also, the power joy is much rarer than the super joy unfortunatley. I just happen to like the power joy more.
Here is my site, it has a few mods, mostly to do with portablization.


oh, so you have to buy a console or adaptor that has one inside?
i was hoping to just buy the chip.. i am a collector and cannot bring myself to destroy any game system unless i already have another of the same.. meaning for me to get a chip from one of these i would need to but two..


Yeah, I don't know where to get just the chip.
Also, the power joy II which I use is ntsc, and is no longer available in the U.S., but for all those lucky pal users, it's still available in pal format from their website.
Here is my site, it has a few mods, mostly to do with portablization.


I don't think you can just get the chip :(  I think the best way would be to buy one of those clone NES consoles and try to attept to get one off....Thing is that will be very hard, and then ou need a pinout


the pinout is pretty easy to find.. i think i have it bookmarked somewhere.
theres a place i know of here where i might be able to get a "TV GAME" which is a controller in the shape of a n64 controller which has a whole lot of crappy nes ripoffs on it (mario with a different selectable "game" for each world etc.).
i think it was black and white on my friends tv which means its probably ntsc:D..
would this be one of these consoles to contain the nes-on-a-chip?

and.. has the chip got lockout enabled or disabled?


All nes on a chip units are actually famicoms. The thing is that you have to wire the 72-60 pin adapter to use one, or you actuallly have to remove the chip and wire everything which I don't recomend.
I happen to use the power joy, and it's dimensions are less than 5"x2" and it has all onboard buttons including reset.
Here is my site, it has a few mods, mostly to do with portablization.