Dragon Knight II HDD Install method using current available floppy images

Started by incrediblehark, June 27, 2023, 07:01:37 AM

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Been trying to do an HDD install of Dragon Knight II but there's something not quite right with the D Disk thats available online. When running INSTALL.X I can proceed through DISK A, B, and C but the installer won't continue through D, it comes back with an error that the disk is "&"

Was hoping to either find a new D disk image, edit the available floppy image to recognize as the correct disk, or modify the install.x to bypass the disk check. Unfortunately my hex editing skills aren't the best, if that's even the correct method of doing it.

ISSUE SOLVED! After working with the installer a bit I happened to figure out a workaround. For anyone wanting to do a hard disk install of Dragon Knight II, follow these steps:

1. Insert DISK D in Drive 0:
2. Copy INSTALL.X to the directory you'd like the game installed to, and then run the application.
3. Go through the install by following the prompts, insert DISK A in drive 0 and press any key. Once finished it will ask for DISK B, then DISK C. Once those are copied it will ask for DISK D.
4. Insert DISK D, but if you press any key it will error and say wrong disk inserted. Press ESC to close the installer.
5. Copy the contents of DISK D to the same location game was installed to.
6. Insert DISK A and copy to the install directory the following files if not there already: MUSIC.X, RPG1.X, AI.X, and AUTOEXEC.BAT
7. Edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT - Go to the last line with the AI.X command and change it to "AI START.MES H x" (optional - rename AUTOEXEC.BAT to DR2.BAT)
8. Run your BAT file to start the game.