New FM Towns Tower power supply project

Started by Cyothevile, January 06, 2021, 01:07:42 AM

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it looks like same as a HR one
i have replaced my entire HR PSU with a (poor) Pico PSU + Arananet adapter. It works fine but yes I'm waiting for another CYO new project :)


There are 3 different desktop power cards and they are DIFFERENT. Don't assume until you check the connector and specifically color order of wires. Towns for some reason like to mix up brown wires which have 12V and 5V.

I don't be making a power card for desktops. I learned a lot from the failed project though. Specifically there isn't a pico that outputs enough power on 5V rail. Fake/clone pico can output enough current in my tests but I can't recommend fake pico. I don't use fake pico those are shit.

I have been meaning to make a photo guide of ATX conversion and use my HR100 as the example. I've just been really busy with other projects but a clever person again can use my Arduino pro micro script and a flexATX, taken out of its case and fit it inside the stock desktops PSU case. It's the same Arduino code that works perfect on the tower models. I must say though a flexATX won't fit inside a Pentium desktop.


How much power does the towns desktops need on the 5V rail?


Quote from: kamiboy on November 26, 2021, 08:35:48 PMHow much power does the towns desktops need on the 5V rail?

There are so many different ones I didn't even attempt to lock onto that.


I have updated the Tower card and added mounting holes specifically for using a slightly cheaper AC/DC converter such as the EPS-120-12.  Any converter in a 2x4 (inches) form factor will fit.  Also reposition it closer to AC cable. 

I still need to verify the measurements of the original card (which I don't have anymore RIP) specifically the screw holes.  Heard a report here and one other spot that it's troublesome and filing the holes was required.  If anyone here would like to give me a dead tower PSU out of charity I would appreciate it.

I will update it one more time in a few weeks and have a store online to sell some cards.

If there is demand for a GEN1 card I will revisit that.

Update: Modified Gen 1 card requirements and sizing.  Now the card is 2 layer but requires expensive ACDC converter. Untested. If you plan to use this I can help in the assembly via DMs so you don't fry the pc


Thanks for sharing all of this. My CX20 worked beautifully for a few hours after I recapped it. Then the next day it would no longer turn on, and I found a toasted resistor on the power supply. I'm going to order all of the parts and give this a try.