Sharp X68k monitor and green letters

Started by mattsoft, October 23, 2022, 03:36:09 PM

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Does anyone know how to get rid of the green Video letters in the upper right corner of Sharp X68000 monitors (like the CZ-600D) when in composite mode? The letters don't show up in RGB, only composite.


isn't it on the remote control ?
I will check


Yeah it is, but what if you don't have a remote? I guess you need one to fully use the monitor then.


Hey there! I do own a CZ-607 monitor and I am having the same issue. The manual refers to the remote control only, for removing the OSD. I am about to jump on Yahoo Auctions and buy a SHARP IR remote that looks like the monitor remote. If you have resolved this issue, I would be glad to know your solution. Thank you!