Moderation reminders specific to the x68000 software section

Started by kendrick, October 18, 2022, 10:44:48 PM

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Hi everybody. I wanted to post a couple of reminders about moderation and content best practices here at the x68000 Software section of the GamesX forums.

* If you have a specific request of another user that doesn't require response or interaction from others, please use the Private Message (PM) function of the forum. Alternately, if you have other communication options available you may use that as well. If your question isn't meant for public viewing then you shouldn't post it in a public space.
* Please exercise an amount of caution when discussing the sharing or distribution of software. x68000 games were never sold officially in western markets and are also not released into the public domain. While there are no hard and fast rules, NFG and the people who operate the forum are compelled to obey the law and to respond to requests from legal representatives as they occur.
* As a reminder, GamesX does not take responsibility for any content in the x68000 file archive and does not represent the completeness, functionality, or ownership status of any data in that hosted location. If a request to remove a file comes via a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) message or with any other comparable legal backing, we must respect it.

Put in plain language, please exercise caution and restraint as you enjoy your retro computing platform. Please contact me or NFG if you have any questions or if you feel anything in this post requires more explanation. Thanks all.