PSX Controller Port 2 Not working

Started by wallofpain, April 20, 2021, 10:11:09 PM

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Hello, I bought this SCPH-5501 PSX a while back and eventually the controller ports stopped working. Traded out the actual port assembly, still didn't work. Then I replaced one of the fuses as per a recommendation elsewhere, and we got power and controllers and memory cards worked for port 1... but they didn't for port 2. Is there another surface mount fuse that needs replacement and if so, where can I find the fuse? Any help is appreciated.


For those of your curious about the outcome of this problem I found out the source of the problem repaired it. One of the zener diodes on the motherboard must have gone bad or something as it was giving off a bad reading from the multimeter. I replaced the zener diode that was bad in the D106-112 block of diodes and the second port controls and memory cards work again.


Hey, @wallofpain can you list the characteristics of the diode you used as replacements?  On my PS1 two of the diodes in that block don't have continuity and return a broken forward voltage drop value.  If you have digikey/etc link, that would be great too.  Thank you!