IOCS patching and development

Started by Jollyroger, September 12, 2022, 08:26:51 AM

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Everyone, a quick question for the community here: is anyone proficient with developing IOCS patches (the ones that get installed in SRAM)?

I read an old post where lydux was relating on how they had disassembled the IPL rom and created modified firmware (for the EEPROM slots), so that the SRAM would not get overcrowded with patches.

One of the patches he mentioned in that thread was one to fix CRTC frequency specifically to run on LCD screens. Now, IPL 1.6 apparently has a hotkey ("L", I believe) that allows the x68030 to start with modified frequencies, and I wouldn't mind attempting to backport that to all other machines in form of a IOCS patch, unless another solution already exists.

Any pointers are appreciated, I know my way around compilers/assemblers/etc. but rather than scouring the forums (the Japanese ones too), if anyone here can point me in the right direction, it may save me quite a bit of time...




Never mind, I found what I needed...