Doom ported to the FM Towns

Started by Cyothevile, June 11, 2021, 09:35:12 PM

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So it appears someone beat me porting Doom over

So he used the best emulator as usual in the HIGH C development environment to compile Doom. He had some kinks with the video display initially but it seems he nailed it. Now the unique issue with porting Doom to FMT compared to other 486 computers is that the Yamaha chip is OPN based and the open source copy of doom doesn't include sound library. So you have to use high C library to write a sound library.

I'm sure the developer will complete it soon and release it.

Now one more thing to point out is that Doom was made to run for a 386 computer with 4MB of ram and required a hard drive installation although a DX2+ is ideal even back in the day. I don't know if the Japanese developer wrote his own / modified TBIOS, run386 and wrote his own IO.SYS and to auto boot from CD. If he did a 386 PC forced in FAST mode might be able to run it not-crummy. So I'm going to bother him a bit about it. Kind of rare to see new FMT software.


BCC Finished porting doom.  As expected it's highly recommended to use a high end desktop with a 486, 8MB of RAM and youll need a hard drive. Maybe a tower model in FAST mode could run it?


Is there any way to add CD music to the DOOM port too?