What are some X68000 models that look for a HDD before asking for a Floppy Disk?

Started by PsychoLavos, July 28, 2022, 04:29:25 PM

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Back in May, after issues with trying to get my X68000 Expert HD to read floppy disks, I called it quits & sold it to a collector in Dubai. I've been wanting to get another X68000, but I don't want to deal with having to change the settings with a floppy disk just so I can use an SD2SCSI. When I was in the Discord server that someone here created, one of the people in there said that the XVI Model will look for a HDD before asking for the user to insert a disk. I'm wanting to know if that's true & if there's other X68000 models that do this? I know some of the later models aren't cheap, but it's worth knowing that I & other people have options.


All X68000's will boot from HDD.  But, older models used SASI, so they need the SxSI driver installed in SRAM via floppy to use standard SCSI devices.  The Super, XVI, Compact, 030, and 030 Compact have native SCSI support, so no SRAM drivers are needed. 


Yeah, I should've worded the title better. Thank you for the list of models that don't need the settings installed in SRAM.


Go to switch.x and you can setup boot priority. So even if you have disks in the FDD's, the computer will launch your Human68k/HDD V4 image beforehand.


So if I do get an XVI at some point, I still need to setup boot priority? Am I understanding correctly?


Quote from: PsychoLavos on July 29, 2022, 02:03:27 AMSo if I do get an XVI at some point, I still need to setup boot priority? Am I understanding correctly?
What are you trying to achieve exactly? Base configuration of all* X68000 models boot:
1. FD
2. SCSI HD (if no floppy is detected in the drives)
*assuming you got SxSI drivers already installed for SASI models

Vice versa can be done if you edit BOOT in switch.x:
2. FD (if no SCSI device is detected)


Sorry I got confused with what you're saying.

As I said, I no longer own an X68000 due to getting the floppy drives to work. So I couldn't change the settings in my Expert HD when I had it. I was mainly asking about what models already have the SCSI drivers without needing to change the settings.


Xeij IPL has these features, I am not aware of any stock X68000 trying to boot from HDD unless directed by switch.x.