Dreamcast Pinout on the Wiki

Started by NFG, February 02, 2007, 07:39:20 AM

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Someone's changed the pinout on the wiki, reversing the 5 and 12V lines, and changing RGB -> BGR.

In the seven years I've had that info up no one's ever complained it was wrong, so I'm assuming the person who changed this is incorrect, and is either spreading their mistakes or actively looking to screw people.

I've reverted the change.


Hey all,

New to the forum. I wanted to edit the wiki, but it seems I can't without certain amount of posts.

Anyhow, I tested and confirmed that composite video output is disabled in 15khz RGB mode. It can be marked in the wiki.

I have a very odd LG CRT TV that gives greyscale video when C-Sync (or Luma) signal is used for sync. No idea of the cause, but RGB properly only works with sync from pure composite signal. I tried to modify cable that I have, but composite pin actually outputs 5V AC (?) while in RGB mode.