Mahou Daisakusen Start Button?

Started by Reechard, March 26, 2022, 02:42:40 AM

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I can boot the game, I can load the options menu with the D pad, I can change options and select things with the A and B buttons on the controller, but it will NOT start a game. Does this game require a specifically wired start button?  I'm using a Megadrive adapter and a 3 button Megadrive pad. Most of the controllers I see for the wiring standard don't even include a start button.

The best wiring diagram I've seen for an FM TOWNS controller has it wired UP+DOWN for Select and LEFT+RIGHT for Start.

I just wanna shoot dragon robot monsters with different dragon robot monsters you guys.


F1 = Start
F2 = Insert Credit

If using FM Towns pad
Select = Start
Run = Pause


There we go!! Now it lets me character select before the screen goes wonky and it locks up, but that's progress!


How are you running it?  If using NFG HDD image, it's one of the games that must be booted from the prompt directly.  Running from the file manager will crash.


That would explain it then, I was launching from file manager, I'm using your baller_v2 image, I like the extra games dir 😁

Edit: yep everything is running great now, thanks for the help!!


Can someone explain how to boot this from prompt?



While it depends where the game is on your disk, the process rather simple.
For the HDD v4 image, just run the following commands when you're on the command prompt:

  • cd Games2
  • cd MahouDaisakusen
  • !Start

The game should start right away.