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Started by Jean_Valjean, June 25, 2004, 09:53:35 PM

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i recently bought a used US N64 console, and wanted to make it RGB capable.

when i opend it, i saw that it was already modded, but not with the quite simple RGB mod, shown at gamesx.com, with the three wires, instead there is a small circuit board added, attached with wires to the gpu? and to the multiout...

this mod works quite good, but the problem is that screens with white backgrounds are not shown properly, it is very fast flickering, so that its impossible to see the rest shown on the screen...

so is here anyone who has experience with such a problem?



Sounds interesting. Are there any identifiable chips on the board? Or better still, can you do us a decent picture?



the chip:
MACH211?? (cant read this)
15J0 18JI
9913APD B


OK well from mine and Lawrence's collaborative frantic google scrambling, your part number is MACH211-15JC-18JI (I think it's a C, not an 0, but if it is, it's a similar chip anyway) which is a programmable logic chip made by numerous different manufacturers. That means there could be anything on it. I tried to find some datasheets but didn't fancy signing up to loads of sites only to be told I had to pay for the privelege.
Do you have any way to dump the code that's on that chip?
Nice use of the safety sellotape your modder used :)


no i dont have any device to change the program code on the chip...

now i hered form the preowner that he didnt had this problem...

so i hope it belongs to the RGB cabel...
but in this case, would you have any solution to solve this prob?
its a RGB cabel for multiple consoles simultaneous and i dont want to use any other...



Well see, here's the thing. As far as I know, the only RGB mod that's widely known about is the 3 wire job, and according to various people your results will vary according to where you attach the three wires. I've never seen this whole homemade circuit get-up before, so it'd be really interesting to know if anyone else has one of these in their system.
Do you have another N64 you can mod for now and leave this one intact, or at least take some damn good detailed photographs of where that circuit attaches to?
Then you can remove it and do the simpler and possibly more effective 3-wire job.


well, it works quite good, and im pleased with the quality...

the mod is made from an established german shop... so i dont know if the 3 wire method is the best...

i tested the console now with the orig. nintendo AV cable and the problem is the same...

the preowner says he didnt had this problem, so could it due to my tv set?

or have i accidentally damaged anything when i opend the console?

pics will follow...


so, here two more pics:


Afaik this is a Digital RGB to analog RGB (D/A Chip) modification, which works on PAL and newer NTSC N64 modells which don`t have a RGB signal in the circuit.

Bye Markus


Oooh ok, thanks for that.
Interesting, because as far as I knew, noone knew how to modify the newer models.
Anyone have one they can deconstruct into a circuit diagram or easily buildable instructions so that the rest of us can see and it can go up on gamesx.com?


thx for the information moosman :)

@vertigo: i will see what i can do, shouldn't be a problem to draw the circuit diagram...
but im so lazy^___^

and i hope that theres any solution for my problem, or just the information on what it belongs to... console, mod, cable, tv set, game cartridge (just played ogre battel 64 until yet..., i could test golden eye, but then i would have to reassemble the console... but before id like to draw the diagram... and im so lazy... a vicious circle-.-" )...


This mod is sure from Wolfsoft.de or DoubleYou Gameshop (maybe no longer exist ?)

From which country do you come ? I`m from germany and if you like, maybe you can ship me the console so that i can see more details.

Bye Markus


its funny, the mod is from wolfsoft, but inside is the YY Logo an © by double you :blink:

and sorry, im not from germany, and i dont what to ship the console international...
maybe after i've played ogre battle^^

the circuit diagram will follow in a few weeks, after my vacation...
for the moment i havent "eagle" or somethin else on the pc...


can someone re-upload the pictures? please...



Quote from: gia on March 06, 2009, 03:35:08 PM
this does the same, maybe it is the same mod?

That is a more recent, and apparently better mod.


I'm new here and I don't understand anything on modding etc etc but I wanted to know....
Is now possible to make a rgb mod even on more recent PAL and NTSC N64??


Respect to Viletim, daaaaamn!  XD

But yeah, what I'd like to know, this is a mod to make any N64 RGB moddable?