Gotek Adapter Disk Dump from YJA Seller, michael_torojirou.

Started by Tristan's Game Room, November 11, 2022, 08:34:59 AM

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Tristan's Game Room

I recently bought one of the Gotek Adapter cables from Yahoo Japan Auctions seller, "michael_torojirou". He's the guy that makes premade cables for Japanese PCs like the X68000, Sharp X1, etc... I bought Version 2 of that guy's cable, specifically to use on my X68000 Pro.

When I got the adapter through Buyee, the Seller included 2 DVDs that had info on how to use the Gotek Adapter. One of them for the X68000 & other Computers. The other one just being for the Sharp X1. I figured that other people on this forum, might could use this. The instructions seem clear enough to hook it up. However, getting the Gotek to run is beyond me. That's where I could use help from the forum to translate Japanese & not just use Google Translate. As I don't know how to get the Gotek to read X68000 files through USB. Especially when I tried installing that HxC Firmware that costed $12, hell I still don't know if I got installed correctly or not.

Anyway, feel free to use the files if needed.

I'm dumping the two disks to for people here to use.


thank you for doing that. i bought that adapter a long time ago and remember the CD having some goodies on it.