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Started by Segasonicfan, June 23, 2004, 04:50:26 PM

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Hey peeps, I got some updated pics of my systems in case anyones interested.  Check em out here:

The NEW CDX pics are actually still not fully updated because I add changes almost everyday.  The speaker now has a gridded silver cover, there's a newer (but same model) screen with a new screen cover case (taken from the actual TV tuner case), and a clock/date that I added on the front.  I also added a second headphone port because the CDX one gets in way of holding the controller/system sometimes.

The Portable Saturn has been updated a LOT since the pics too.  I airbush painted the system with blood red trim (the screen too).  I also added a DVD/MP3 played behind the screen you see.  The DVD player gets over an hour on one of those battery packs you see.  I added a couple shots to show how I power my systems.  Those are rechargeable nicd 7.2v batteries.  They were originally made for RC race cars but I modded them to work for all my systems (CDX, Saturn, DVD player).  

Everything gets different battery life depending on what you use.  I've made 5 battery packs now and I plan on making a couple more. Here's the life of what each thing uses per battery pack:

CDX using Sega CD: 2-3 hours
CDX using Genesis: 3-4 hours
CDX using SegaCD and powering TV: 1-2 hours
CDX using Sega CD and powering TV: 2-3 hours
Saturn: 30-45 minutes (yeah I know, not too long cause that sucker takes a lot to run)
DVD player (w/backlight screen and dual speakers): 45 minutes to 1 hour

AA usage:
CDX Radio: days on 2 AAs
CDX CD player: not sure...need to test it.  Hours though.
CDX TV Tuner: 5 hours on 4 AAs

I'm also nearly finished with my portable N64 which is pretty nice (and very addictive!)  I can get 30-45 minutes on 4 AAs which is good enough for me :)  

*Phew* that was a lot of typing.  hopefully somebody found this as interesting as I do (this a gaming forum after all... ;)

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


Oh, very cool.  Quite interesting.  :)


Mod is still looking very nice, but you need to carve out some wood to make that thing into a solid object. The tape and blue paint or whatever is very ugly.

BUT ITS A GREAT MOD. I love it it looks like fun, I also like your batterie idea.
Hey, where did you get the screen?
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


Yeah, it's not too bad, but I figure if you're going to make a console portable, at least make it look a little better. I've used that kind of "frankenstein" technique a few times, but that was only for projects that I wanted to keep the cost below $5.

Although I must say that it doesn't look too bad. Also, in the n64 I figure you've replaced the 7805 with a ldo regulator. I know the draw on it isn't too bad with it being 400mA->5V and 1.4A->3.3V.
Here is my site, it has a few mods, mostly to do with portablization.


glad some of you guys like my systems.  I have been working on the aesthetics as much as I can...Ive got a nice plastic cover over the screen and in front of the wiring under the theres barely any electrical tape on it.  that ghetto speaker look is gone too, it has nice grid now.  The paint looks bad because i actually painted it on I use airbrushing for my systems which has turned out a lot better...especially for my saturn ( i dont have pics up yet though).  The main thing however, is that I dont really care enough about how it LOOKS, because I just care about what it does and how sturdy and safe it is.  Its taken 3 drops on cement already and it is damn sturdy.  You cant tell from the pics but everything is solidly screwed into the CDX itself.  Maybe later ill try to make it look more appealing, but its just too much work since I dont have the matrials.  Everything you see there was made with a soldering iron and a

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)