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MO drives for FMT

Started by Cyothevile, February 27, 2022, 01:34:42 PM

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Lately I have wanted to use an MO drive to primarily experiment with trying to transfer files used in Tsugaru emulator to the FMT. My primary development environment is Tsugaru but I would like to migrate to my HR desktop.

KTJ-san from towns preservation circle was very nice and created a guide on his website.

I used his guide specifically for the MO drive jumper settings. It must be added that "SCSI1" dip switch settings show up the MO drive as "SCSI 0" device in FMT. It appears the disc size limit by townsOS for bootable disc is 230MB.

I can report I have successfully installed TownsOS to an MO disc with the MO drive set to HDD and my HR100 loads TownsOS fine.

Later though I will try KTJ-sans settings so I can use the MO disc with the MO drive set to "MO" on the dipswitches in a USB MO drive and transfer files from windows.

Maybe floppy discs are more practical in transferring EXP files but this old tech seems fun :)


I really like MO disks. I have several drives (SCSI and IDE) for my PCs and X68000s. So I'm indeed very interested to have them working on FM-TOWNS.

I have 3 models:

So I wonder which can be used with a MO drive and how.


MO drives are certainly a technological curiosity. I bought one just to play around with mostly due to memories of them being in Resident Evil series.

Alas they are extremely, extremely slow. If read/write speed was faster they would be a viable alternative to floppies or flash.

Never hooked one up to my Towns PC though. I imagine it should work out of the box. It certainly is simple to hook up to X68000 and PC98.