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PCFX-GA SCSI driver?

Started by -Uroko Sakanabito-, February 09, 2022, 09:12:35 PM

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-Uroko Sakanabito-

Hey, did finally register here.
Looks like one of the last active places for PC98 questions?

I upgraded my PC9801 DA with SCSI (9801-100), everything works fine but the FXGA wont boot a game with CDSD mini. NECCDB.SYS does not work at all. What SCSI driver do you guys use for this?

PS; @NFG are you the guy i did always send japanese computer questions via ICQ almost a decade ago? ^__^

-Uroko Sakanabito-

No idea?
Anyone with regular CDSD PC9801 drivers i can test?
Maybe i did something wrong with asm?


PC-9801-100 , its SCSI2 standard and its NOT PC-9801-55 compatible card, you cant use cdsd etc 55 compatible aspi driver.

you need get at least Adaptec EZ-SCSI 4.5J or up version and extract standalone ASPI2DOS.SYS and ASPICD.SYS to use PC-FXGA for it .

for plextor CD/DVDROM drives, you can use plextor's SCSI driver directly , it called as PLEXCD98.SYS(for 55 card) and PLXCD98N.SYS(for PC-9801-100 board and NEC genuine PCI Scsi adapter) , if you can found it on webarchive with lucky.
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