x68000 external 5.25" drive?

Started by Reechard, January 02, 2022, 02:18:56 AM

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Is there such a thing as an external 5.25" drive for the x68000?  I recently picked up a Compact XVI and it has an external fdd connector but I can't find any info on it other than adapters for HxC and other emulated adapters. If I ever have interest in owning original software this definitely puts a damper on using it.


Are we not talking about Sharp component CZ-6FD5, which was the dual external drive? No idea if it worked with the Compact, but it is listed proudly on our Wiki page on the table cribbed from the official Sharp peripheral catalog:


Delightfully, most of the x68000 pages that might describe this thing also link back to GamesX. Here's a JPN-region site with pictures and stuff:



Yep, that looks to be exactly what I'm after. Funny though, that googling the part number directly still gives no hits or information about the product itself. Funny times we live in.