X68000 Compact - external floppy connector

Started by fredohenriquez, January 05, 2022, 04:21:11 AM

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Does anyone knows the name of the X68000 Compact external floppy connector? I found it on Yahoo Japan but there is no name and Im trying to find it somewhere else closer to my country.


The part number for the connector is in the wiki


It's a little less information than might be useful. The page Cyothevile is referencing is linked here:


Briefly, the connector is called a DB37, which is unusual and uncommon given that we're used to seeing DB25 connectors on most parallel and serial connectors from the western PC world. However, not every DB37 cable will necessary be compatible since they won't necessarily have all of the relevant wiring. That wiki page has a wiring guide if you're brave and want to roll your own.


Fredo I check my previous order from a few months ago



Try to find somewhere with both in stock. Digikey had both but maybe your country there is a supplier with both in stock so you save some. This is the connector for Compact XVI that I used.