where can I buy a 69.55199Mhz oscillator?

Started by Andrew, December 13, 2021, 03:24:25 AM

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I have a Sharp X68000 with a leaking battery. The battery damaged the 69.55199Mhz oscillator.
It outputs 25Mhz instead of 69 now.

Does anyone know where I can buy these? I'm from Europe.

I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.


I posted about it here:  https://twitter.com/leonkiriliuk/status/1459972306923503620?s=20

Purchase CPPT1-HT5RT from Digikey and ask them to program it to the speed you want.


unfortunately the CPPT1-HT0PT and CPPT1-HT5RT are both sold out at Digikey.

@leonk: When I search for CDCE925 I get only results for the chip itself. Where did you buy that  pcb and what additional hardware and software is required to program the chip?

Thanks for your support.


Look at the twitter feed to see how the person used the provided software to change the frequency of the modern solution.  I've never tried it myself; I'm used digikey programmed crystals per my specifications.  Too bad that method is going away.


But here's all the info you need to make your own DFO PCB (5V for X68000) as well as the programmer to setup whatever frequency you want:  https://nfggames.com/forum2/index.php?topic=5744.0

If you don't have the skills to make these PCBs yourself, you can always purchase premade boards like this:  https://videogameperfection.com/products/dual-frequency-oscillator/

I'm sure you can reach out to the web site owner and request they program a DFO with the required X68000 frequency and ship it to you.  You'll just need how to solder it in by comparing pinout of what's there vs what the PCB puts out.


Unfortunately videogameperfection does not offer custom frequencies.

I've used this project instead:

works fine in my Sharp X68000.

I've enclosed my custom HEX File for the programmer.


Hi Andrew i have an og x68000 with dead clock could you sell me one DFO ?