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Touhou games on floppy?

Started by amigo-mexicano, November 13, 2021, 12:48:18 PM

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Hello everyone. I'm looking a way to put the Touhou games on floppy discs, so I can play them on a PC98 that doesn't have hard disk, only floppy drives.

I know they exist because there's photos of them (and they are sooo pricey). None of the ones to download found on the net are FDI, IMG or HDM files that I could record on a floppy. Seems all of the available ones are hard disk images (HDI) only.

is there any way to put the games on floppy disks? or maybe someone has the files downloaded somewhere?

Thanks in advance!
From Mexico City... Amigo-Mexicano!
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Please check my latest post.

You can use HXC APP to convert the HDM file into HFE and then write to disc with greaseweazle.


Ahh nice, i'll try that, thanks a lot!

UPDATE: HxC says "Load Error" when trying to open the HDI file :(

From Mexico City... Amigo-Mexicano!
Also known as: "compil3r" ||


I received great help from the folks at PC-98 Discord.

I share here just in case someone else is looking for this.

1. All Touhou games have subdirs inside the HDI with the installation floppies needed to run the game from floppy, but you need to install it on HDD, so your PC-98 must have HDD.
2. Some have tried to fit the games to run from floppy, without much success, they don't fit or run very slow.
3. There exists a version of Touhou2 that runs from floppy, but I haven't had success with it (says low memory and won't run, my PC-98 has 10mb expansion, so should have no problem)

SO, long story short, is better/easier to just play them on HDD on a real PC-98!
From Mexico City... Amigo-Mexicano!
Also known as: "compil3r" ||