[WTB] FM-TOWNS Marty floppy drive adapter (HxC, Gotek)

Started by mez, November 11, 2021, 09:31:54 PM

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I didn't manage to repair the floppy drive of Marty (new belt, new cap, head cleaning)
I would like to install a HxC or Gotek instead so i need an adapter

Is there gerber files somewhere to build one or does someone has one to sell ? (no Ebay please, stuff from US to Europe (I live in France) are now too expensive (shipping + fees/taxes)

thanks :)




or Just PM me.. I make and sell them IN  THE USA and I include the Extra Flex cable that is extended which you need.

I will sell it privately if you want. 
I sell them assembeled or Solder them together youself for slightly less.
If you buy direct it is Cashapp only. 
If you don't use cash app - use my eBay link.



thanks my friend
yes I have already seen your Ebay pages.
but has you mentioned here :
Quotesell them IN  THE USA
I live in Europe
So shipping + taxes will be too expensive for sure
thanks you by the way


I can sell you a Fully assembled one shipped for $50. Or Solder it together yourself $43
If you are outside the USA. I can take a Personal Paypal Payment.  (NO fees).

Or Buy from Caius in Italy..  You can find him all over the place.. 
He made the original adapter.. But it's not as good as mine.. his you need a floppy cable and such and there is not extension ribbon.