Wanted - X68000 SCSI cable or cable repair

Started by incrediblehark, September 17, 2021, 07:42:46 AM

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I broke the connector of my X68000 scsi cable and can't seem to be able to put it back together myself. Looking for someone who can repair this (have the parts needed) or to buy a new SCSI cable.


any photo of what is break please ?
where are you from ?


Thank you for the reply, I'll post a picture soon. It's the scsi connector for the hard drive. I noticed one of the wires had pulled out, and when I was trying to repair the connector broke. I got a new idc50 connector and crimping tool but can't seem to align the wires correctly, to get to the point of crimping.

Also I am from the US

EDIT: Here is my damaged cable:


I ended up ordering a new cable plus mounting plate and adapters from yahoo Japan. I'd still be interested in having my old cable repaired if anyone is up to the task. Thanks for looking!