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My MXDRV Collection

Started by neko68k, February 03, 2012, 10:03:33 AM

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I don't think I've ever shared this here.  Almost 30000 songs. Mostly well sorted and de-duped. Some spaces need to be removed from directory names. Enjoy.


 Thank you Neko68k !

This looks really great ! Your collection has a new and loving home ;)

Thanks again !

X68000 personal computer is called, "X68K" or "no good good" is called, is the PC that are loved by many people today.


Oh I forgot I gave NFG the mdxo collection. This is that and some other stuff I collected, de-duped and sorted.


I don't know if anyone has ever noticed this before, but some of the files are missing pdx data.


Unfortunately the majority of the missing PDX are lost to time. I've actually got some new stuff to go through and I might be able to restore some of them but its a lot to work through and its not a high priority for me. If you're interested have a look at the DOKONAZO ISO's on the FTP. There's a ton of stuff in there thats very interesting.


Kicking a dead horse a bit, but I managed to find some lost PCM-data files (Yes, I should have said it even earlier, but work and other life stuff turned away from it). Still better than nothing. I think it will be necessary to collect together them, and released at last.