Help with SCSI2SD 5.0a and X68000 XVI

Started by incrediblehark, June 23, 2021, 02:58:46 AM

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I ordered a scsi2sd and prebuilt sd card and I'm having trouble getting the image to boot on my XVI. I have also tried writing my own v4 disk image to sd and still no luck. The scsi2sd is version 5.0a with current firmware. I have all cables necessary, and the XVI is one I recently purchased that was fully recapped/refurbed and came with a 1GB HDD internally that boots without issue. I just can't get the scsi2sd to even recognize as a drive in the x68000. I have tried changing boot settings in switch.x and changing scsi ids to 0 and 3 in scsi2sdutil, set as a 1000mb drive. I've also cleared sram using clr at boot.

*EDIT* - hdid not showing any scsi devices when scsi2sd is connected. my HDD that came with the system shows id 0. Is this an issue with scsi2sd settings?

Any suggestions? Not sure what i'm doing wrong, or if there are special settings that I should use for this particular scsi2sd board? I've tried settings recommended in guides, but maybe I'm doing something wrong? Very frustrating. Thanks in advance for any advice!


Found out the issue - the microsd card catcher appears to be faulty. The micro sd card slot is not making a good connection with the adapter when the card clicks in. I have to manually hold the card inserted all the way in for the adapter to read the card. If I do this the scsi drive is recognized and boots right away.


You can check this with the SCSI2SD Util - this should recognize the right size of your SD Card. If not, then there is something faulty. I got one scsi2sd where the SD Cardslot was not good soldered. After resoldering it works fine.


Thanks for the info! I checked and it was showing sd capacity (512 byte sectors) 0 or something along those lines. i must have just not realized the issue in the scsi2sdutil, was re-flashing all day to try to solve the problem.  I'll have to look into soldering the connector... I got it to work by pinching the card slot to crimp it a little which gave me a better connection with the sd card. Its currently tied down in my xvi, I'm waiting for a mounting plate in the mail, so i'll see about soldering then.
Thanks again!