Running .hdi games on pc 98 hardware

Started by pc98enginekidd, August 08, 2016, 11:44:49 PM

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Hello everyone, I have the YAHDI  up and running on my lavie nr 166 one more  model added to the compatibility list! I am very much enjoying learning to write music with the PMD driver, kudos to those who have posted english translations and getting started articles. Now I would also like to learn how to get more games up and running. I have read posts that say .hdi files are easiest to convert to an executable format and that it can be done using a hex editor. Would anyone mind posting a brief step by step on how to get for instance rusty.hdi or some other example converted and written to yahdi in a way it will execute? or should I invest in an HxC emulator and use .fdi files?

p.s. I know there is the other HD image by the wi-ickidley talented Caius with 30 some games which I also would like to try out, however my copy of win image doesn't seem to like the file format whenever I have tried to write it to disk. Regardless it's a teach a man to fish situation so I'd really like to know how to get the many other games running on my own, thanks for your help!!!


You call me and here I am  :)
Installing games in a PC98 hard disk is a trial and error process.All you have to do is to copy the contents of the .FDI disk image or .HDI hard disk image into a folder of your HDD.Then you have to create a batch file (usually customized) which executes all the files needed by the specific game.More or less like we do on X68000 too.So you may understand that each game has its problematic and therefore it's impossible to write  a tutorial valid for all game.You have to try yourself.Currently me and Skyewelse have installed a lot of other games than the ones in YAHDI and more are coming!Stay tuned for the final release of the image!

And yes, .HDI are more simple to install on hard disk since they are already hard disk images!Usually you have only to play with the path in the autoexec.BAT file in order to properly launch them.


Yep! I haven't forgotten about this YAHDI project, only life has thrown some road blocks my way recently so it may take longer than expected. I do however have my current images uploaded to my server so if you are interested in the current progress, please feel free to send me a PM for the time being.

In other news I got a X68000 XVI recently which wasn't displaying video, so I recapped the video board, motherboard and the power supply... but I think the PSU has a short in it somewhere which I haven't been able to fix yet, so haven't been able to join the X68 scene just yet unfortunately.



very cool guys! thanks for taking this on, yeah even the bat exec coding is confusing to me but I'm just getting into dos systems now. PC 98 is exciting because a lot breakthroughs, for the western scene anyways, seem to be happening right now, big ups to you guys, Kobushi, the reddit crew, Obsolete Geek, Noyemi K and Hertzdevil. all of whom have helped me do more than play japanese mine sweeper.

ps I have a 3 gig hd w dos 6 and windows 95 + roland digital sc 88 installed midi drivers and some other random crap. Is there any merit to trying to make a copy of that hd? I've stuck it in a drawer while I've been tinkering w the YAHDI one.



I just wanted to add another solution to playing .hdi games on real pc 98 hardware.

Using Disk Explorer from Vector I open the .hdi files and extract it's contents into the game folder in the CF card (i'm currently using the YHADI image).

It's not a bullet proof solution but I coldn't find any other solutions online regarding using .hdi files on real hardware.

Hope it helps!