HDD install patch for Nostalgia 1907

Started by sangfroid, June 11, 2021, 07:27:02 PM

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These set of patches change the executable of Nostalgia 1907 from Sur de Wave, version X68000, to run directly from a Hard Drive.
  • It runs directly from the HD, no subst.x, no 2HDSIM.x, nothing needed. I tried it with 2mb, but I think it should work with 1Mb systems.
  • Removed the floppy disk file check, it shows the message, but it should proceed inmmediately.
  • The filenames were encoded in the NOS.x file as absolute paths of the form A:\<filename>. This was replaced by .\filename, so it should work on any drive and directory supported by Human68k.
    • The patches are meant for these versions of the files:
    • Nostalgia 1907 [Set 1] (System disk) MD5 sum 19F50EC70D8AA55D6A983920424EB43C
    • NOS.X MD5 sum 63438AD8844668DFC85D822EB5EB8709
  • The changes can surely be adapted easily to other versions, but these are the ones I worked with.
  • This was tested on original hardware, a X68000 XVI, I played past the prologue and intro until the captain is in a meeting. If you can, please test it more to check everything works as it should.


  • Patch System Disk image with one of the above patches, I made .IPS and .BPS, there are many utilities supporting those.
  • Copy all the files from System Disk and Disks 1-3 to a directory in a HD drive
  • Optionally remove COMMAND.X. HUMAN.SYS, and DN (this was used to detect disk number)
  • Rename AUTOEXEC.BAT to !Start.bat or whatever you like.
  • Alternatively you can patch NOS.X separately and overwrite the original file. In this case, you have to edit AUTOEXEC.bat and remove absolute directory paths (e.g. CD (yen symbol) ---> CD ..).
  • Enjoy!

Nostalgia 1907 X68000 HDD patch.zip