Uk based 5.15 floppy perso (or post to UK)

Started by ShortyBanana, May 17, 2021, 07:08:19 AM

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Hi All,
  Being a recent X68000 acquirer and having got a SCSI2SD I need the SASI image on a real 5 1/2 floppy. 
So basically this part of the FAQ.

- Download the SASI boot disk from the above URL (SxSI V5 with DMA patch Translated by Eidis)
- write it to 5.25 1.2MB floppy using XFloppy 1.1 in Windows 98 (or find a friend that can create this boot floppy for you)

Happy to pay someone to send me a the floppy, I'm based in the UK.



Can vouch for them as well. That's where I got my disk to kickstart the system.


Yup, I got a master disk from them too.  Shipping was reasonably fast as well (considering global delays right now).



Here's another option which worked for me.

I've got a 486 PC running Win95. I was able to take the floppy drive out of my X68000 and connect it as floppy b: on my 486. I then used xfloppy (link below) to write the disk using the drive that would read it when put back into the X68000. A bit complicated, but if you have the extra PC around and want to save some bucks and time. :)