.hdi file is unformatted, and I am clueless.

Started by ladykiller, March 18, 2021, 07:14:03 AM

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with a certain .hdi file I have. It is a Star Platinum 1996 game for PC-98, and I use Anex86 as Neko Project is not working for me. As I try to boot it up, it gives me a message of "This hard disk image is unformatted. After inserting the disk image, please reset." I have searched everywhere but couldn't find anything. Anyone got any clues on what can I do?

Thank you! :3


I was getting similar errors with DOSBOX-X. The point is, if your image is created / formatted in a "not quite standard way", then it is not a fact that it will be recognized correctly (that's what NP2 is good at, as well as its compatibility with Doom's 256-color mode, by the way).

Try the following (this is probably a noob and not the correct method, but the fastest). Take an EditDisk and extract the contents of the problematic image to any convenient place. Then make a copy of any working image (but that its size is must be no less than the one, that does not open), open it in the EditDisk, and replace its contents with the contents of the desired image. It helped me.