No picture on S-video modded KV-9PT50 with MiSTer, Dreamcast & PS2 work great

Started by Fuzzy_Dunlop, March 29, 2021, 11:35:23 PM

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I recently s-video modded a KV-9PT50 by following stabarz's recent post over on Reddit.

Quick recap of that mod (see attached screenshot of PCB from his post):
  • luma goes into the composite input
  • chroma goes into the jungle (pin 5) with a 75R terminating resistor and through a .1uF cap

Both my Dreamcast and PS2 work and look great through s-video on the KV-9PT50.

I recently received Antonio Villena's S-Video Adapter for MiSTer however it does not work. When turning on the MiSTer the TV flashes, but then I get no video.

I was thinking it was the MiSTer adapter, however the adapter works great over S-video when connected to a larger Phillips CRT, and on an older Samsung LCD and in both cases the picture looks really good. The MiSTer adapter also works on the KV-9PT50 over composite when switched to that input (physical switch installed as part of the mod), it just doesn't look great with a lot of dot crawl.

I posted this on Reddit and someone speculated there could be a sync issue with the mod. Would anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix this? Thanks.