Compressing files /archiving /backup

Started by megatron-uk, March 03, 2021, 08:53:33 AM

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I'm trying to archive some sections of my 'enhanced' V4 .HDS image to move around, add screenshots and metadata, restore to different drives etc.

I know there are issues with having extra drive letters etc, but that's not an issue right now. The big problem is that I can't seem to get lha or zip to actually create anything.

If I run (on an empty 900mb "b:" .HDS image):

Lha -r a games a:\games2

This should recursively add everything under a:\games2 to an archive called games.lha on the b: drive... But all it does is sit churning the hard drive for several minutes and then exit with no errors and no archive created.

If I use zip instead:

Zip -0 -v a:\games2

It churns away for several minutes and then starts adding the games and files found under a:\games2, but then exits with "zip out of memory error" after just processing a few directories... Again no archive is created.

I can grab stuff using disk editor, but it's not great at mass transfer and we all know how unreliable it is.. also I want something that I can use on real hardware and real disk drives.


This is what happens when you try to zip the a:\games2 folder...


Whatever I do with lha it just never creates an archive.. it says it is doing so, and the disk flashes away, but nothing is ever written to disk.


Doesn't that LHES shell gui have lha compression support?

Maybe use that to make archives?


Looks like you are trying to compress too many files at once, and are running out of RAM.  The Games folder is simply too big for the machine to process.

Try making smaller archives.