March 01, 2021, 07:53:05 PM

How to use Analog Controls

Started by Jehuty, February 17, 2021, 01:42:58 AM

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can anyone explain me how to use an XE1-AP oder Sharp Cyberstick on the FM Towns ?
I own a CX20, a XE1-AP and a cyberstick. On my X68000 both controllers work fine.
But on the FM Towns they don´t.
On my Manual from Afterburner III there are some picturtes that the game can use the Cyberstick.

But how ? Do i need an adapter for the FM Towns ?


iirc, cyberstick has to be plugged into controller port 2 for most games as it uses the mouse signals for analog control.  And while a few games can auto detect analog controllers on boot and swap ports, most can't.

Also a lot of the older games are quite speed sensitive, you must be running at 16mhz for analog to work.  Which is a shame as a lot of the games are way more fun on faster machines. 

Wing Commander supports the cyberstick too, which makes it one of most fun versions to play imo.


Thanks SuperDeadite, that´s the solution. Never tried the mouseport for the Cyberstick.
Worked yesterday with Galaxy Force II and Afterburner III.