Is it possible to run a X1 Twin through a PCE interface unit?

Started by ImportantBet, February 10, 2022, 11:40:54 AM

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I came across this photo today and was wondering what steps it would take to make it work. I figured if an RGB mod works for X1 twins, why not this too.


The PCEngine inside the X1 is a self-contained board, containing a whole PC Engine.  Crucially, it also has a connector giving you access to the PC Engine's expansion pins. 

So, yeah.  If you can find a connector that fits, or you don't mind soldering a bunch of wires, this is not a tremendously mysterious job.

Here's my disassembly of the Twin, showing the PCE PCB and connector.


Hmm. I wonder how we would be able to tell apart which of the excess 12 pins are not needed? Wish there was a schematic somewhere.

It would be cool trying to connect this thing to a TerraOnion Super SD System 3. Bet it's never been done before.


I think you're focusing on the wrong problem.  The extra 12 pins don't matter for this project, since you simply ignore them and connect only the ones you need.

I just went looking for a connector that might fit, and it seems like the SCA SCSI 80 pin connector might be the one?


The issue here is figuring out the pinout on the X1 twin side. Which pins goes to which addressing, etc to the interface unit.

I'd imagine its not going to be 1:1 since on the board its soldered in 4 rows of 20 pins. Whereas, a regular PCE is 3 rows of 23 pins.



It'd be a pretty simple job, really.  Touch one pin with a multimeter, then drag the other end of the multimeter around on the PCB until you get a noise.  It's how I created my PCE schematic

You'd probably complete the job in less than an hour.


Ah, that makes sense. I'll make use of your schematic and the gamesx pc engine netlist!