RaSCSI and SxSCI Booter

Started by Mjc45131, January 02, 2021, 05:09:09 AM

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Trying to make the Mac version of the RaSCSI work with the X68000. Have have both the GIMONS and Mac Version of the RaSCSI for the raspberry pi. When I try to use the Mac Version the SxSI BOOTER is indicating the drive as SO NOT READ. (so not ready?). I'm wondering what causes this issue. What could be the problem with the Software/Hardware? Any suggestions or does anyone know where I can see the source for the SxSI BOOTER. Thanks!


So I was able to make the Mac version of RaSCSI work with X68000, but it only works via a SCSI card in the X68000 - the SASI port does not work. I had to make sure the terminator was enabled on the Mac RaSCSI.