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Started by NFG, December 16, 2020, 03:23:51 PM

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A long time ago I thought I was really funny when I created all the post-count member titles.  But now I'm thinking to change them to something about 12% less silly.

I don't really know what that'll be yet.  So while I ponder, I'm open to suggestions.  Instead of small/large/massive/throbbing members, what do you think might be better terms?


Well, nobody's responded in two weeks and change so I might as well do so.

So if we're talking about four degrees of recognition related to posting activity, in our world it makes sense to make those distinctions something gaming related. Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert game difficulty levels come to mind, which gives us our silly 'Hard Member' variant for maintaining our usual childishness.

If you want to be less silly and more on-topic, something related to hardware modding might not be a bad choice either. So you would have Original/Modified/Custom/Unique, but that's not really a spectrum so much as it is an arbitrary comparison.

If I'm the only one who has to be entertained by the labels, then I'm going to want to steal something from a game I love. If it's me it'd be Yakuza ranks stolen from Sega's flagship open-world brawling game, so Soldier/Captain/Patriarch/Chairman or something like that. So my real suggestion would be that you pick something from a game you love (presumably some obscure SNK title) and go with that.


I like the silly titles we are already endowed with. Forums like this are a holdout relic from the early wild west frontier version of the web, before everything was sanitized into a professional easy to commercialize sleek fenced in gardens of mega corporations, designed by committee according to the latest market researched web standards. People who want to play in the kitty pool can go to the facebook interest groups with orders of magnitude more members and activity.

I rather we keep the ironically childish member titles as a dying flame tribute to the olden days that we few old dusty cowboys reminisce of here in the lonely forgotten corner of the web that time forgot.

May my member be ever throbbing here.


While true, @kamiboy, I don't think staying oldschool means staying phallic.  I'm not the same person I was when the forum launched (holy shit) 18 years ago.  I still love my fun but I'm also aware of how things like this reflect on me, the forum, and all of us. 

Tell me you'll still love me when I mess with your throbbing member.  ;)


Things just won't be the same without the throb...