Kryoflux Dump - Hishouzame - Flying Shark X68000

Started by dlfrsilver, December 06, 2020, 06:39:30 PM

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In this proper dump, we notice that the game is a booter one, it has no files on the disk, everything is loaded from the boottrack.

Special mention too on the fact that this game is one rare that has been duplicated (seen as such by the kryoflux).

The protection is on side 1 and 2, on track 77.0 and 76.1/77.1. Track 78 is the duplicator track (seen as blank).

Disk Protection - Track 77 Side 1.jpg
Disk Protection - Track 76-77 Side 2.jpg

The protection is based on Partial+erased sectors, (8 empty and normal sized sectors + 1 partial + 2 erased ones)