How to programmatically power off X68000 emulator?

Started by gothmog, November 11, 2020, 10:45:23 AM

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I am using the X68000 emulator XM6 TypeG v3.31 L15.
Is there a command line program that I could run inside the emulator to cause a shut down of the OS and exit the emulator?
My goal is to use the emulator in a sort of "batch mode" (no user interaction): start the emulator with a command line, then the OS boots and automatically performs some tasks (using a batch file) that produce output files, then  the emulator would automatically exit and the processing of output files would continue on the host Windows OS, all without any user interaction.
I'm looking for something similar to UAEQuit that is supplied with the WinUAE Amiga emulator for those who know it.
Or maybe I should use another X68000 emulator?