Making Your Own Scart Cables

Started by raq, December 31, 2023, 04:46:22 AM

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My google fu is letting me down here. I wish to make my own scart cables for numerous retro consoles and computers but I am finding it difficult to find a supplier (pref UK based) of good quality scart cable sold by the meter. anyone have any links? Thanks.


Just making sure I understand, you're looking for the wiring rather than the connectors? Because so many SCART cables may omit certain connections based on what they're meant to connect to, there's not really a standard SCART cable. You might have as few as four internal wires (Comp/Left/Right/Ground) or as many as 22 to accommodate every pin and the shield. The ones that accommodate RGB or YUV (or both) will give you almost any number in between.

I guess the question you really should be asking is, what outputs are available on the hardware you're making an SCART lead for? That informs how many internal wires you need on the whole lead. This is by way of saying that if you're looking for raw SCART cabling with no connectors on either end, you're not going to find anything. 


Yes, that's what I'm saying, I would like the raw cable (no connectors either end).

Ideally the cable should handle RGB, Sync or Composite Video and stereo audio as a MINIMUM, obviously better cables will have better shielding. The computers/consoles that don't use all cores I'll leave floating or tie them to ground.

I use to get mine from Maplin electronics in the UK, they sold a 7-core and a 9-core (i think, maybe more) by the meter but that was at least 20-25 years ago...

I could go buy pre-built leads and cut connectors off but you usually don't know the quality of these cables and if I go that route I might as well go to and order what lead I need from there.



So with the caveat that I haven't used it myself, it looks like the magic search engine term you want is "Fortraflex" which is individually shielded conductors that aren't 75 ohm impedance but are properly isolated from one another. One of the semi-pro hobby places that makes SCART cables swears by them here:

If you search on "Fortraflex" you don't actually get to the sources, but that's where I'd start to get the proper wiring that would stand up to scrutiny. Hope that gets you where you need to go.