RGB-SCART Sharp X68000 cable x68k

Started by owen2471, April 20, 2024, 08:22:39 PM

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Good Morning. I've just received a RGB-SCART Sharp X68000 cable x68k from EBay. When I connect to my X68000 I just get a black screen. Any suggestions I have tried it on 2 machines.

Thank you


Did you plug the other end into anything?  What was it?  More details might help with a diagnosis.

Is the receiving device 15/31kHz capable?  What resolution is <whatever you're booting> running at?  Are you sure it's SCART and not JP-21?  etc.


Hello. I'm using it on a TV that won't display in 15 KHZ mode 😒


I don't understand what you're saying, sorry.  You're using it on a TV (with you so far) that won't display in 15kHz mode.

The TV doesn't do 15kHz?  Or the X68000 is in 15kHz mode and the TV still shows nothing?

What have you tried?  Do other systems work on this TV?  What's the pinout of the cable you're using?  Is it SCART for sure? 


Umm I am not use a SCART cable will be much use. A TV will only accept 15khz so you will only be able to test with a game that boots to 15khz.

However when you feed 31khz into a CRT SCART TV you usually get some sort of rolling screen. You won't be able to read text, but you will get something.
I know this from using my CRT SCART TV with a FPGA device that outputs 15 and 31khz.
I think a LCD TV will just show nothing, so you need to test on a CRT.
If you still see nothing then it sounds like something else.

If you have a way of written 5 1/4 disks you could try a game that is know to boot into 15khz mode.

I've also noticed that the signal from say a original model and Expert 2 is slightly different.
I have a BenQ monitor which does 15 and 31khz, it is fine on original model x68000 and Amiga, but not with the Expert 2.


Thanks for the input. I have been trying with LCD TV's.