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X68000 Booting Query

Started by owen2471, April 23, 2024, 07:15:50 PM

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Good Morning. I've now managed to boot my X68000 with a floppy. Connected via VGA, decent picture.

When I last used it around 10 years ago I was using a cf card to boot a pre done image, lots of games on it.

I can't remember if it booted automatically when I switched the machine on or I had to type in a command ?
Any help on this is greatly appreciated. I have sadly forgotten how to use the machine I've the years.

Forgot to say it's a super hd model. The hd busy light is on, but it ask for a floppy to be inserted


Not sure on Super (SCSI I think).
Does SRAM still need setting to tell it to boot from HD?
Battery is now probably dead, so SRAM could need setting up.
So boot floppy Master disk and type switch.x and check options.

Also you sure you have not removed the CF card :) 10 years memory:)

Also the App called 'Papago' (I use on Android) is great at Japanese translation.



Thank you