Is PC-98DO or DO+ worth it?

Started by bleepbloop, May 25, 2023, 03:10:12 PM

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Hey all.

I'm pretty new to PC-98 and just trying to educate myself on them before I actually try to acquire one.

I like the idea of being able to play PC-88 games as well and I've read that the DO model can do that.

Does anybody know if the DO or DO+ models are compatible with most games and can make for a nice all-in-one setup?

I'm planning to install a flash drive(if possible) rather than put wear and tear on the floppy drives as well.

Thank you for any help!


From what I know, the DO units are too slow to enjoy the pc98 world, so may as well just get an 88.  Also, for those that want the real experience, while ym2203 and ym2608 sound boards exist for both 88 and 98 computers, they actually run the chips at different clock speeds.  So playing an 88 native game on a 98 will not sound as intended...XD


Interesting to know. I'll have to think things over and research some more. Thank you for the information Deadite!