MS-DOS 7 Installation Disks

Started by famiac, August 27, 2020, 05:16:09 AM

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Hi all,

Wanted to share a set of floppy disks I put together for deploying the DOS version of Windows 98 (AKA DOS 7.1) on your PC-98 system. The main motivation behind this was to get DOS running on a FAT32 partition.

There are 3 disks in total. Disk 1 contains DOS drivers and command tools from the NEC Windows 98 CD as well as a custom install script and custom config/autoexec files for the HDD. Disk 2 contains more DOS tools and 3rd party tools, namely: the hard disk tools from Marimo, 86VOL to control volume, GDC control driver, QMOUSE, and CLIP to get screen grabs. Disk 3 contains the files for the Japanese Front End Processor.

To use the disks for installing DOS:
0. insert disk 1 into FDD A: and disk 2 into FDD B: then boot to floppy
1. create an active fat32 partition using FDISK
2. format the partition using FORMATX
3. run install7.bat

There are a few assumptions I made in the install script (INSTALL7.BAT on disk 1) because i was targeting my own system, but they can easily be modified to suit your PC. Read the following and make the appropriate changes to the mentioned files before installing:
1. INSTALL7.BAT uses D: as the destination drive
- change the set command on line 21 of INSTALL7.BAT to your desired drive letter
2. The CD driver in the installed CONFIG.SYS assumes a CD-60F is installed
- in the CONFIG.sys file within the INSTALL folder, replace NECCDB.SYS with the appropriate driver name for your computer
3. AUTOEXEC does run some 3rd party tools
- To disable these, please rem the lines mentioning 86VOL, CLIP, and GDC from the AUTOEXEC.BAT in the INSTALL directory

Credits go to PhilsComputerLab for the AUTOEXEC/CONFIG boot menu, and to Kobushi for the YAHDI image, which demonstrated how to set up essential drivers.

NOTE: I did not know how DOS 7 handles the NECAI dictionary, so I configured it to use the NECAI files from DOS 6. The KKCFUNC driver, however, is imported from the Win98 CD.

Please try these disks out and let me know what you think!


Hey famiac, I just got around to trying this. Loading up Disk 1 in drive A and Disk 2 in drive B in Neko Project 21, it says "No system files". My real PC-9821 only has one floppy (emulator) currently so I wanted to test it in an emulator first to figure out some way of installing it on my machine, but it doesn't work at all for me in Neko Project. Any ideas? Thanks.


tried disk 1 only in my pc9821 and get No System Files.

my route ended up being using:
Virtual Floppy Image Converter :
actual download link:

to convert msdos 6.2 which is readily available for nec. I converted .fdi images to .xdf which becomes the proper 1.232 file size:
Download MSDOS 6.22 from here or here:


I used the dos 7 disks to setup a 4gb HD, but got an error before initial menu, with a "Unable to setup compression driver correctly" (traslated by google lens).
When i press a key, config.sys go on and all it's fine.
But it's quite annoying that error and i can't understand what could cause it.
Someone has same behaviour?


i reply myself for who could get same error: remove or rename the dblespace.bin file in the root dir! ;)